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It is a comprehensive preparation to childbirth using several tools:

- Education About Pregnancy and Birthing Stages

- Deep Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis For Pain Relief

- Fear Release to Surrender to the Birth Process

- Breathing Techniques To Navigate Stages of Labor and Manage Pain

- Positive Affirmations and Visualizations To Condition Your Mind

- Practical Support Tools For Birth Partner

What is HypnoBirthing?

bliss /ˈblɪʃ


complete happiness ; great or perfect happiness ; supreme happiness;  utter joy or contentment; the joy of heaven.

About My Approach

How I Can Help

I am Maud and I am a HypnoBirthing mom and certified educator in Singapore. HypnoBirthing has changed my vision of birth and empowered me through my pregnancy as a mother and as a woman. That's why I decided to create and offer a service that supports moms and dads-to-be, like I experienced.


Bliss In Birth is the go-to source for all of your needs through pregnancy preparation. My private classes are designed to help pregnant parents have a calm, confident and blissful birth.


As a HypnoBirthing mom myself, I can personally attest to the wonders of the original Marie Mongan method. My goal is to provide parents-to-be with the education, support and tools they need to have the birth experience they desire. I am excited to be part of your journey and guide you every step of the way.


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  • Have a chat with Maud to learn more about HypnoBirthing.

    30 min

    Free call
  • Prepare yourself for a blissful birth with fellow expectant mothers

    650 Singapore dollars
  • Prepare yourself for a blissful birth in the comfort of your home

    12 hr 30 min

    880 Singapore dollars
  • Just open your laptop and prepare yourself for a blissful birth.

    12 hr 30 min

    760 Singapore dollars



"I loved the breathing exercises, the relaxation audios, the hypnosis Maud did with me during the classes. All the specific tools to be more relaxed, I find them useful. Also I enjoyed spending time thinking about my daughter’s birth and understanding what my body will go trough during birth. Maud was very calm and clear during the classes so I felt reassured by her experience and knowledge."


"It was a wonderful feeling to be useful at this moment, an experience usually lived exclusively by women. Setting up the room (playing calming music, creating a dim atmosphere), offering reassuring words, reading relaxation methods, providing logistical support with energy bars and hydration – these were my tasks during the 4 hours of labor. One often imagines this moment as one of pain, cries, tears, until the moment of delivery, but it wasn't like that. Apart from my wife's extreme fatigue, it was as if the world had gone silent not to scare our baby."


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