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What They Say About Their Experience

"I loved the breathing exercises, the relaxation audios, the hypnosis Maud did with me during the classes. All the specific tools to be more relaxed, I find them useful. Also I enjoyed spending time thinking about my daughter’s birth and understanding what my body will go trough during birth. Maud was very calm and clear during the classes so I felt reassured by her experience and knowledge."


"It was a wonderful feeling to be useful at this moment, an experience usually lived exclusively by women. Setting up the room (playing calming music, creating a dim atmosphere), offering reassuring words, reading relaxation methods, providing logistical support with energy bars and hydration – these were my tasks during the 4 hours of labor. One often imagines this moment as one of pain, cries, tears, until the moment of delivery, but it wasn't like that. Apart from my wife's extreme fatigue, it was as if the world had gone silent not to scare our baby."


"Thank you! The breathing technique and relaxation helped during the c-section. I was really scared and hung to those as an anchor.

Even now, when it's difficult to pee, I'm still using the breathing to help me.

So it's really a life skill."


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