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What is HypnoBirthing®?

The original Mongan Method is a natural,

instinctive approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing.

Hypnbirthing Mongan method book

Deep Relaxation and

Guided by Maud, you will discover the power of hypnosis. The regular practice of relaxation and self-hypnosis will help you be totally relaxed and calm on the day of your birth.

Maud Hypnobirthing educator

Positive Affirmations and Visualizations

We all have negative images and thoughts about birth. Wether it's coming from movies or people around us. Erase the negative thoughts and images you have about birth and replace them with positive affirmations and visualizations.




Newborn and parent's hands joining

Fear Release

Becoming a parent is a big step but nothing you can't overcome. Together and thanks to hypnosis, we will work on the fears you may have about birthing or being a parent.

Pregnant woman relaxing

Breathing Techniques

Along with relaxation, specific breathing techniques are designed to help you and your body be relaxed for each stage of the birth and accompany your body in birthing.

Pregnant woman and father jumping in joy

A Role For Your
Birth Companion

It is not the easiest to support a mom in birthing. Often birth companions feel helpless. How to help? Be supportive with words, attitude and physical comfort. HypnoBirthing® is also about your partner in this new life.

Maud Hypnobirthing educator

Education About
Women's Body

Learn about all the natural functions of your body that make it perfect to birth. Once you understand how your body is designed for birthing, you will trust yourself to do this and feel empowered to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Maud Hypnobirthing educator

How does it work?

Over the course of 5 weeks, we will go through exercises to identify & release your fears regarding birthing and replace those fears with instinctive knowledge, and confidence. 

  • Unit 1: Building A Positive Expectancy

  • Unit 2: Falling in Love With Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body

  • Unit 3: Advanced Visualization & Deepening

  • Unit 4: Overview of Childbirth, A Labour of Love

  • Unit 5: Birthing: The Final Act, Bonding & Preparing for the 4th Trimester

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