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woman opening the affirmation cards for birth box

Looking for a way to stay positive and relaxed during childbirth? Our Affirmation Cards for Birth Box is the perfect tool to help you stay centered and focused during labor. The box contains 31 affirmation cards for moms and 15 for partners, each featuring a different positive message to keep you calm and in control. These cards are an essential companion for our HypnoBirthing Course, providing you with the support and encouragement you need throughout the birthing process. Whether you're a first-time mom or experienced in childbirth, these cards will help you maintain a positive mindset and an empowered birthing experience. Embrace the power of positive thinking with our Affirmation Cards Box and prepare for a calm and confident birth.

Affirmation Cards for Birth Box

  • The Affirmation Cards for Birth box includes:

    - 31 Mum's Affirmation Cards

    - 15 Birth Partner's Affirmation Cards

    Size: 8x6 cm

    Material: cardboard

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