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How to Relax in Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a transitory period in your life. Nine months to prepare yourself for a major change. Are you looking to dial down stress during this phase? How to reduce stress during pregnancy? Let's dive into some game-changing tips that will not only ease your mind but also arm you with life-long skills.

Mastering the Art of Breathing


Pregnant woman doing breathing exercises

Breathing is second nature, right? But life's hustle often disrupts our natural rhythm. Relearning the art of deep breathing becomes a skill for a lifetime. Practicing breathing techniques for birth during your pregnancy will offer you some windows of calm. Perfecting proper breathing techniques during pregnancy not only aids a calm birth but also sets you up for post-birth tranquility.

Positivity Boost with Affirmations and Visualizations


It is widely accepted that birth should be painful and stressful. Shift your mindset. Surround yourself with positivity—talk about birth and parenting in an uplifting light, immerse yourself in inspiring birthing visuals, and watch feel-good birthing videos. It's all about shaping a positive outlook on what's to come.


Pregnant woman scrolling down her phone

Taming the Information Overload


In the age of information overload, it's easy to drown in conflicting advice. My tip is immerse yourself but don’t drown yourself. Yes, evidence is crucial to make decisions, but you should also trust your instincts and good old common sense. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to soaking in knowledge. HypnoBirthing course is an antenatal program that offers a comprehensive education to childbirth.



Unwind with Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis


I cannot stress this enough. Deep relaxation triggers a wave of those wonderful stress-busting hormones. Hypnosis? Not some mystical practice—it's a powerful tool to tackle worries surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, and the journey of parenthood.

Pregnant woman pampering herself

Remember, relaxing in pregnancy isn't just about these moments; it's about building skills that last a lifetime. So take a deep breath and embrace this transformative journey!

If you would like to know more about a relaxing preparation to childbirth, book a FREE 30 minutes call with me here.


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