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Four Tips to Train your Body Like a Robot

If your mind has the power to make you body answer to it, then you can train your body to give specific answers, automatic replies to certain thoughts. It's a powerful tool used by motivational consultants, Olympic coaches and other sports trainers. Why not use it in childbirth too?

1. What's the body robot theory?

Mind and body cannot function without the one another. What is experienced in the body is determined in the mind.

But the mind doesn't have the ability to act, it needs a body to transform thoughts or emotions into actions. Our bodies function according to programmed responses and behaviors, similar to how a robot follows its programming.

The idea behind this theory is that many of our actions, especially repetitive or habitual ones, are driven by subconscious processes and routines.

My advice: create healthy mindset habits. Practice relaxation and hypnosis. During HypnoBirthing course we work on fears to replace them with good thoughts. We train your mind to see labor surges as mild sensations instead of the painful contractions you've always heard it should be.

2. The power of language

Language is not merely a tool for communication; it shapes how we perceive the world, our beliefs, and even our self-perception. Words can inspire, motivate, hurt, or empower individuals. Positive and affirming language can boost confidence, create motivation, and encourage growth, while negative language can have the opposite effect, leading to self-doubt or discouragement. Additionally, the way we communicate with others can impact relationships and influence their behavior and emotions.

My advice: surround yourself with people who have a positive vision of birth. Of course it's not always possible. Other women loooove to share their terrible birth experience. When this happens, politely tell them now is not the right moment for you to hear this. Hypnosis can also help block your listening and focus on something else, create an amnesiac state.

3. What you want is what you get!

This is not an easy one. Decide the type of birth you want and go for it. If you repeat to yourself (and your baby) you want something really precise. It's more likely to happen than if you just had vaguely thought about it. It's also essential to balance motivation with realistic planning, effort and adaptability to overcome challenges and achieve long-term success.

I'll take my own story as an example. I was an entrepreneur when I had my baby, but I wasn't a HypnoBirthing Educator at the time, I was a fashion designer and I had my own clothing brand which meant I wouldn't really have a maternity leave. My goal was this one: I had to finish my next collection before giving birth. So all the way through my pregnancy I just told my baby: "you have to wait until Mummy has finished working before coming". Guess what? I gave birth the day after finishing! How amazing is that?

My advice: When you set a goal, think of a precise one and repeat it to yourself again, again and again! I know figuring out your birth plan is not always easy. You may not know exactly what you want at first, especially if it's your first pregnancy. You can start by asking yourself what you don't want. Then check your options and discuss them with your caregiver. You should feel listen to and supported!

4. The law of repetition

Repetition is a powerful tool in shaping our thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately, our realities. When we repeatedly focus on a particular thought, idea, or affirmation, it begins to take root in our subconscious mind. But our minds have basically repeated over and over that childbirth is painful and event dangerous. By repeating positive thoughts associated with pregnancy and childbirth, you slowly grow confidence and induce your body to have a different reaction to it.

My advice: regular practice of visualization or hypnosis, repeating positive affirmations related to childbirth daily will help expecting you maintain a positive mindset and build confidence in your ability to handle labor and delivery.


And to give a little help with it, here's my gift to you:

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